over our heads

It's just forward in all directions around here...

Look up! There's a roof over our heads!

It's just amazing, how every piece of this remodel just lends the house a little more dignity.
Like an older lady stepping out of the house in a brand-new hat.
She's looking good, eh?

And, speaking of looking good, this kind of work doesn't happen by itself-
and thank goodness.
Friends have already been teasing me about trying to get work done when it's warm out and I have nubile young bucks on my roof. Yes, it's challenging to keep one's focus, but hey- what do I have wi-fi and a laptop for?
(Just be careful not to get margarita salt on the keyboard.)

So here's a token and pandering beefcake shot for all of you new subscribers who found me via the Harlot in the last few days:
Roofer.JPG I know, I know...
I was going to wait for a photo op until he took his shirt off. You would have liked that, I know....
But that was before. Before he let slip, over a cool G&T, the year he was born.

No child born while I was in HIGH SCHOOL should be of drinking age, much less be subjected to internet ogling by a bunch of crazy knitters.
So I leave it to your fertile imaginations, knitsibs, how much the view is improving around here.

I mean the roof!