event knitting

I've been taking a new tack with how I approach projects lately, both finished and unfinished. It's working for me, so I wanted to share it with you, Gentle Knitters.

Rather than get myself all het up over projects I need to finish and projects I want to start, noticing them waiting patiently in the stash cupboard or tripping over Ziploc bags with needles in them, I'm plotting when to knit them based around fun events or trips.

This weekend, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Needles (a.k.a. The Crazy Wednesday Ladies from Churchmouse) and Boyhood and I are heading up to the Sleeping Lady resort near Leavenworth in the Cascade Mountains for some serious knitting R&R. Two and a half days of gourmet meals (which we don't have to cook!), glorious mountains and rivers to look at, and our own cabin with a woodstove to knit in.

A few of us decided it would be a great thing to try to finish up some projects while we're there - since I'm "The Knitting Fairy" for them, I'll be on hand for any finishing crisis. And I'm taking advantage of the hours of uninterrupted knitting time away from the studio to try to finish Rosemarkie. And, because I'm incapable of leaving the house for one day without at least 2 projects, I'm also taking my other longstanding UFO... yet another Alice Starmore design (no surprise there) - St. Brigid.

Brigid (did you know she's the patron saint of milkmaids?) was my Olympic Knitting project. That means I know with startling clarity when I started her: February 2006. I was trying to finish her in the 14 or so days of the Winter Olympics.... and didn't place. No medal. I think I was disqualified for steroid use - for the drugs I must have been on to think I could finish an oversized Aran sweater in 2 weeks.

So these two gals are accompanying me on this junket;

For Thanksgiving, I'm starting a piece of mohair loveliness from Rowan that Kit knit up as a tempting sample at Churchmouse the other week.

During our the Christmas trip to Germany, I get to start (and hopefully finish!) a pullover kit from Catherine Lowe.

It's nice to have these things laid out for myself - a little finishing, a little starting, and a girl can look with pleasure to her knitting calendar.