and the magic number is ... 3!

I don't know about you, Gentle Knitter, but I find I cannot leave the house without multiple projects in hand.

For a junket around town running errands, I can be cavalier and pack just a sock, or the current portion of a sweater (gotta love those portable portions of sweaters, right, Karen Jo?).

But any trip of ANY length that requires leaving the city limits?

Three projects.
Count 'em. Three.

And for those non-knitters in the audience, that doesn't mean three things with one skein each attached. Noooo... I'm talkin' three-whole-sweaters-and-all-of-their-yarn-no-matter-how-fine-it-is-and-how-many-hours-it-would-take-to-knit-it-all-up kinda three projects.

It could be a sock project (one sock finished, or both left to go) plus the rest of a sweater, plus one sweater barely started... or three whole sweaters, barely begun. So on the knitting extravaganza weekend that will be the Sisterhood Junket to Sleeping Lady this weekend?
Let's see.

• Stockinette sleeves with corrugated-rib cuffs to finish my oldest UFO.
• Front neckline and both sleeves of a horribly complicated Aran sweater that took me three weeks to knit the back and part of the front.
• The remaining 2/3rds of a sport-weight stockinette sweater on size 3 needles for a class I'm teaching.
• And, of course, the token New Project, the thing I shouldn't even be thinking about starting untll I've finished one of the earlier 3 things... which is probably the Thing I Will Finish This Weekend Because It is The Thing I Shouldn't Be Knitting.... A Christmas present for someone who reads this blog and therefore, unpostable. (Sigh.)

Taking bets in the comments for how many skeins I am actually able to knit up this weekend and when or if I actually manage to FINISH something on this weekend of non-stop knitting fun.

Wish me luck.