it's the little things

I don't know if it's the spring weather or what, but I find I'm making time to fix those little annoyances around the house that had been bugging me for ages - yet I just didn't get off my duff to take the few minutes to make them better.

Case in point: my needle stash labeling system. I keep my needles in a little sheet-music drawer stand my mom gave me - and the little paper labels I made years ago for the needle sizes keep flicking off from where they were taped down. Grab a needle, replace a label. Grr.

Like any other card-carrying member of the OverOrganized Club (that should be a thing, shouldn't it?), I own a labelmaker. I own a labelmaker with a keyboard, for kripes' sake. That stays plugged in permanently (in case of those sudden labeling emergencies).

So this morning, hey presto Eureka and lo, we went from this –

to this!

And in the Department of Redundancy Department, each needle size has its needles contained in a LABELED zip bag. I couldn't trust the little buggers not to roll around in the drawers and commingle like freshman at a college dorm mixer.

Power to the Labelmaker, People!

How do you store your needles? Do you have the same problem corraling them as I do? (Or maybe you don't have the crazy deep needle stash I do -ahem-...?)