for the love of analogue: managing projects

I do love my digital tools and apps for their flexibility and their ability to manage all sorts of ideas without taking up physical space in my compact world.

... But there's also the immediacy of the written word, the chance to write something down so you can see it and rembember it - which is where my analogue systems come into (literally) play!

As a creative person who can easily be overwhelmed by ideas and inspiration, I love using my analogue systems to manage the projects I've begun or want to begin. If, like many knitters, you have a rash of 'UFOs' (UnFinished Objects) lingering on the needles, here's a tip about how I'm managing mine that might be helpful for some of you.

A while ago, I took an inventory of my UFOs (and took a moment to put them all up on my Ravelry projects page - another great digital tool!). The Ravelry side of things leaves me with a place to put my hands on notes ("where are my 3.5mm 24" Addi Rocket needles again?"), but it doesn't give me any sense of priority or (god forbid) urgency about finishing them. Some day, I'd like to be UFO free, working on current projects in a manageable way - but how to get there?

Enter the analogue system. In your face, flexible - helpful in getting 'em DONE.

This is the monthly page in my Get to Work Book - where I can glance and see appointments, birthdays, events, etc. But it's also hosting a little fleet of Post-Its at the bottom of the page, each one representing a kind of project I've dedicated to work on this month.

I color-coded the little Post-Its based on the kind of project: UFOs are traditional yellow; sewing projects are green; gifts are orange. (Spoiler alert! Bro, you're getting socks. But you knew that. Bro always gets socks, because he loves them so.) Not shown on this page: new projects I want to complete for my wardrobe of handmades for Fall - those are starting in the queue next month.

When I was doing my (sobering) UFO inventory and adding them to Ravelry, I also wrote down one per Post-It and gathered them at my desk. I did the same for the gifts I'd like to give folks for the remaining birthdays in the year and the holidays, as well as future sewing projects for the Fall wardrobe. That's a lot of Post-Its!

Then I flipped through my planner monthly pages and started distributing projects - which ones could I best complete in which month? The aim was to get all the gift knitting done by November, saving a few last gifts for local family for December (since they won't need to be shipped); dedicating a few perfect projects for my two vacations/trips coming up in August and October (pairing a project to a trip - that's an art form, and a blog post in and of itself, eh?); and planning some sewing here and there to suit the season.

Once I was done, I got a monthly set of projects like you see above: a little UFO finishing, a little sewing, a little gift knitting to store away. And what I'm left with is a sense of satisfaction and control - if I can stick to what I've planned, I know I'm making progress on my goals, getting the right things done. And in any given week, I won't have to ask myself 'what's my priority?' If I'm inspired to sew, I can check and see what's on the docket. Grabbing a project for a car trip? Look at my gift list and see if there's a sock or two I can finish.

Should keep me on track, I think!

The other great thing about the Post-Its is that they're moveable and removeable - as I finish items (like the yellow 'skirt' Post-It pictured above), I can remove it from the planner and either move something up in its place, or move on to one of the other projects (in this case, the remainder of the month will be spent on the Simple Tee UFO). Done and done!