an FO-Filled Weekend

What a weekend! Boyhood and I did some chores, and some more last moving-out of bits from the house... and I finished not one, but TWO sweaters!

I finished my second Bailey, out of Rowan Lima, and wore it all day yesterday, and didn't get too hot at the office!

I also got around to weaving in the dozens of ends (from all those stripes!) on my Maine-Cruise Tempest Cardi!

That got worn to the shop today - and good thing, too, because both of the dear friends I went on the cruise with were there for my knitting circle. They were just as as excited as I was to see this one done!

Of course, all this finishing left me feeling so virtuous that I was hell-bent to start something new (ahem), but the yarn gods decided to reinforce my better leanings and ensured that the ONE color I wanted in the new yarn was out of stock at the shop. So it's back to the rosy glow of virtue for me -- I've resumed my Tilda, and with just the fronts to do, I should be nearly done with that in a week or two!