January UFOs: Bailey & Bedsocks

Now that I've achieved some symmetry with the UFOs (I may have ripped one or two to get things down to 12+12), it's time to introduce you all to the Rogue's Gallery that are my unfinished objects: 12 sweaters and 12 smaller projects.

First up: Bailey!

I began Bailey last fall, with a color of Rowan "Lima" that was being discontinued (sad, since it's the perfect shade of '70's appliance Harvest Gold). "Bailey" is a cardigan pattern from my girlcrush Amy Christoffers -- one that I love so much, I'm knitting it twice! I wear my first Bailey (made from Berroco Ultra Alpaca) every other day, so I couldn't wait for one in another cozy yarn.

You may recall that this Bailey was destined for great things, and Fall wearings, until I put it on Louise, the mannequin, and realized that I'd incorporated a bad dye lot into the upper body. ... Which meant ripping the back and both fronts down to below the underarms. Sigh. [The one downside to all-in-one construction.]

I've ripped, and been re-knitting the upper bodice, so the evidence of that little blunder is now successfully buried in the past. And just in time for the January 1 Savory Knitting KAL over at the "We Love Amy!" Ravelry group (it's not called that, but it could be), I've got it going again, and am whizzing up the second sleeve. This one could be in the bag (or on the bod) in a matter of a week or so!

And the January Wee-UFO: at least one pair of Turkish Bedsocks.

I have a raft of these wee sockies that have no mate. So before Valentine's Day rolls around, I figure it's time to get them united with their solemates (ouch. sorry. couldn't resist).
These are the socks I wear most often during the week, and even though they might not be worked up with yarn we carry in the shop, I feel okay about wearing them to work - I'm still representing and walking the walk with them on. It's a great pattern, my go-to for travel knitting. They're so fun and interesting and portable! I can finish one, if not a pair, on a longer/international flight.

Those are going in my Three Bags Full project bags this month. Can't wait to get 'em DONE!