poof! a new design

I'm happy to report that a sweet little design I did last year for Tina over at Blue Moon is now live!

"Sea of Tranquility," a scarf done in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Worthy - a yarn deserving of that name, if ever there was one.

I was playing with the different stitch and row tensions of 1x1 ribbing and garter stitch - I love how the columns of the different textures cause the little undulations at the ends of the scarf:

And the eyelet details stagger like wee footsteps, tracking up towards your neck.

In a sweet ironic moment, I named the scarf after one of the features of the moon … and then as I was finishing the knitting, the news came through that Neil Armstrong had passed.

So this one's for all the crazy dreams we have, all the things we think might not be possible - until we actually try.