Rogues' Gallery #3 and 3

Now, where were we?

Ah yes - Sweater #3. 
This one is a Habu kit from the last time Takako came to Churchmouse...
Kit #119? 135? oh dear.
Anyway, it's a luscious combination of mohair, merino, and silk! 

This is probably the one garment I am DYING to finish. I remember putting on the piece from the trunk show, and just walking around in a little cloud.

And while we're on the topic of mohair, here's a Crocheted Moebius Loop, in a luscious orange shade of Shibui Silk Cloud! 

[now, where the heck is that photo?]


It's just too bad that Pantone has shifted the Color of the Year from Tangerine to Emerald.
I'm a little bit in mourning. Just sayin'.