'High-Grade' Your Life

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled Ravellenic post forecast for a bit of real-life application.

The subtitle of this blog is 'Better Living Through Knitting,' in large part because I feel that the habits we get into as knitters really can be extrapolated into the rest of our lives, with great effect.

Witness the process of WIP Wrestling: whilst I'm in the midst of digging out UFOs and finishing up lingering projects, Life is handing me another lesson on a parallel track. Boyhood and I are preparing to move house!

We're moving into the dear, wee cottage that Boyhood was building for Dad to move into (sniff), and while it's a lateral move both geographically (it's only 5 blocks away) and spatially (it's nearly the same size as our current house), we're seeing it as an opportunity to 'high-grade' our lives – to take only what we truly love, and give away or sell the rest. It's a fabulous exercise, one I heartily recommend for everyone at least every ten years (the better to avoid ending up on an episode of "Hoarders: Buried Alive"!).

Take, for example, my "Candleholders and Vases" cupboard, the contents of which I disgorged onto the dining table Saturday morning:

What was now a full lower cupboard off of our kitchen has turned into a discreet collection: perhaps 3 vases of different sizes, and 4 or 5 candleholder options.

Photo of the new cupboard, with its few tenants, to come, as soon as we move it in!