London Olympics, Day 1


The Koigu Featherweight has its bottom edge complete (with my signature 'Purl Darts'), and I've picked up for the neckband, which I've decided to do in tweed stitch, just for fun and a little textural interest.

And I have to say it's only once every two years that I ever wish to have network TV. Isn't it amazing how tight the commercial interests have sewn up the streaming of the Games? The "free NBC Olympics app" requires that you have a cable account somewhere. Even my treasured Beeb has no streaming on this side of the Pond.

I just wish that they might release some of the footage of the events a day or two later, for free streaming on the web. I'd be happy to sit through a periodic commercial, or put up with a sidebar ad, for the luxury of seeing some of the competition online.

Harangue over, climbing down off the soapbox. Time to go paint some trim at the cottage so I can sit down after lunch and work on this neckline some more and watch the final episode of Season 3 of Torchwood!