let the games begin!

Why should the folks in London have all the fun?
There's a whole world of challenge and excitement on Ravelry right now, with the Ravellenic Games starting on Friday.

I've decided to enter the 'WIP Wrestling' event, in two distances: Socks & Scarves,
as well as Sweaters.
Unofficially, I'm awarding myself a medal for each WIP completed in the category:
one project completed = Bronze; two = Silver; three = Gold!

Went diving in the UFO stash this last week and came up with some great candidates: why on earth didn't these things get done in a timely manner?

1. A Bias Before & After Scarf in Habu Stainless/Linen and Cashmere (ooh!):

2. A Koigu Linen-Stitch Scarf in what I'm calling the 'Crazy Circus' colorway. (I'm not usually that into brights! Gracious!)

3. Four, count 'em, FOUR lonely Turkish Bed Socks with no mates. Second sock syndrome, anyone? Sheesh.

(Apparently, in this distance, I'm running for the Churchmouse team! All CM projects. Coincidence? Perhaps not.)


And in the Sweater distance:

1. Tempest, which really just needs edgings and its ends woven in. That's a 100-meter-hurdles kind of project.

2. A Featherweight Cardigan [Rav link], out of a solid Koigu KPM – not far to go on the body, and then it's neckline and sleeves. Doable.

3. My second Bailey Cardigan [Rav link], out of Rowan's spongy "Lima" – which I just noticed has a pretty striking dyelot issue on the left front and under the arms. Might require a re-knit of the upper back and fronts, as well as sleeves. Ugh.

Twelve days, six projects... Doable or just plain nuts?

Hell, it can't be any worse than the Starmore Olympics of 2008!