ufo project #1: i hate nupps

I have twelve sweaters in the pile of UFOs, and before the official beginning of 2013, I'm pulling a little switcheroo.

I'm officially frogging (hint: rip-it; rip-it!) Sullivan from Brooklyn Tweed, a UFO from November 2011.

I cast this on during the Fort Worden Retreat (always the first weekend in November), and instantly discovered that my hatred of nupps was a) justified; and b) entrenched. This sweater is worked from the bottom up in one piece, which means casting on for the total stitches around the body: and there is a round of NOTHING BUT NUPPS all around above the hem.

Once I'd survived that little nightmare (hint: never do the YOs in the first nupping row too tightly! You have been warned.), it was more or less smooth sailing up to the yoke. Except for the life wrinkle of my dad's passing, and the complete and total wipeout of my brain cells in the first six months of grief fog. Top that with a few too many glasses of coping fluid as I tried to join the yoke, and it hit a screeching halt when I realized that my numbers were fatally off.

Hence the stall and stuffing into a bag for a wee 'time out.'

Fast-forward thirteen months, and the newly-minted resolve to deal with all UFOs collides nicely with the the latest in a hot, fast string of Brooklyn Tweed pattern launches: Wool People 4. Featuring this little number:

"Tilda," image courtesy Brooklyn Tweed"Tilda" by Yoko Hatta

Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, in color "Fossil" (with a little edging, which I will probably do as shown in "Sweatshirt")










 The coincidence of color is probably what clinched it. So before 2013 officially begins, I'm swapping out one UFO for another. Cheating? Perhaps. But since it's *far* more likely that I'll finish Hilda than Sullivan, I think it's a fair swap.

Now pardon me: I have a date with a ball winder.