2013, here i come!

Goodness, I've been away for a while. Sorry about that!

But once again, I am full of the vim and vigor that comes with A Grand Plan. I've been looking at my bad habits lately, thinking about what keeps me from really living *well*. And I've discovered that they share a common thread.

It's too easy to go shopping online when I'm bored or tired or sad, and then I end up with more stuff in my house than I can really interact with and appreciate.

It's too easy to skip going to the gym or going for a run, and instead end up on the couch knitting and eating and drinking things that have calories I can't burn off.

It's too easy to get excited about a new project, cast on, and then realize down the road that I've added to my list of WIPs in a way that's not helping me get through my UFOs.

Which got me to thinking again about Ernest Callenbach's "Green Triangle" and the notion that any improvement you make to try to live better/greener/more sustainably in one area -- whether it be for the environment, for your health, or to save money -- invariably helps in the other two areas as well. [Think: riding a bicycle rather than driving cuts down pollution (environment), gives you a healthy outlet for exercise, and saves you on gas money.

So why can't that be true for the money-health-knitting triangle as well? (Shall we call that the Dye Triangle?) The discipline I develop in one area (buying yarn for new projects) could splash over into my health, in helping me feel less stressed and overwhelmed with all I have to do and thus keeping me more relaxed and less likely to reach for coping fluid.



Enter The Grand Plan:
2013 is hereby declared The Year of the UFO!
By the end of next year, I will have either frogged or finished all of my UFOs.

That may not sound all that grand until you know what I'm up against:

I'll introduce you to all of them in upcoming posts, and with some I'll need your votes on frog or finish.
But I'm excited! To be focusing some effort next year on clearing up the backlog, and thereby gaining some fresh clean mental space for new things, or just some breathing room.

I'm cleaning house -- wanna come along?