In the spirit of the current season of "The Biggest Loser," I'm applying the principle of 'No Excuses' to the running schedule for my next marathon.

Witness the scene in the kitchen this afternoon, where I exercised Excuse #3 with some vigor before Boyhood set be back on the straight & narrow:

1. "I'm too tired."
2. "I don't have time."
3. "It's too cold out."
4. "It's dark out/it's too late."
5. "I have too much work to do."
6. "I'd rather be knitting."
7. "I'm still sore from yesterday."
8. "I can't leave the kids/dog/spouse at home alone."
9. "It's raining/windy/hot out."
10. "I'd rather do some cross-training today."
11. "I don't have my iPod/GPS/ [insert gizmo here]."
12. "My ________ hurts."

What are your excuses? And what are you doing to call yourself to the mat to get past them and just do it?