new year, new resolve

Happy 2012, all!

I, for one, am thoroughly chuffed to see the ample backside of 2011 retreating into the distance. In the immortal words of a friend who also lost her dad this summer, "2011? Time to kick this b*tch to the curb!"

I don't know about you, but I'm in no way immune to the resolution thing. I find myself schlepping through Christmas, filling my mental basket with all the rosy glow of virtuous resolve that I can cram in there. No more drinking! No more baked goods! Work out every day! Work out twice a day! No more shopping! Ever! Run another marathon - no, make that two!

You get the picture.

So perhaps the goal this year is really to balance realism with resolve; to build a foundation of healthy, sustainable habits that will carry me into a good place for this coming year. The steady upcreep on the scale is not making me happy, and I miss my runs. So there will be some changes there. And while I love a good glass of wine, long evenings in its company most days of the week is not helping my health either.

And I would like to get some closure on all my knitting UFOs this year! I cleaned house and ripped or finished all my UFOs a few years back, and it was amazing. Time to dust off the Ziploc bags and start plowing through the dozen or so I have kicking around.

Thanks for bearing with me as I limped through the last of 2011 - stay tuned for all the good that's bound to come from 2012!
(I've always loved even-numbered years. I was born in one, so they are close to my heart. The odd years inevitably end up as *ss-kickers.)

Cheerio, all!