okie dokie.

Of course, if you've been reading here for any length of time, you *know* that we're never not knitting at casa akabini. So....

I loved JKghostrider's answer to my post-partum knitting conundrum: work on everything! ("D: all of the above")! So we are indeed proceeding "Forward in all directions," as Ex #1 would say.

It's funny – often, I find that when I feel stuck with my knitting it's because I'm avoiding something I should be doing, or should be finishing. This week, it was a minor 'speed bump' in a project for the shop that left me stalled and awash with the residual guilt that's all too familiar: "I want to start that shiny new project, but I should finish ________." A case of 'shoulding' all over myself, as it were.

To remedy that, I've spent the morning getting over the hump on that stalled design project (no pictures while it's still top secret, sorry), and I'm just 12 rows shy of being done, done-zo, finito!

And after that, it's a new month starting tomorrow, so I'll have two, count 'em, TWO, shiny, sparkly new projects to work on!

The first is the Vacation Yarn project (Angelia's vote - thanks!):

Pattern: "Tempest," by Weaverknits (from Knitty's Spring 2008 issue)
Yarn: "Caper Sock" by String Theory
(a super-delicious, soft, bouncy cashmere blend, oh my)

... purchased from a lovely little souvenir shop on the main drag in Bar Harbor, Maine on our recent cruise with Traveling Together.
Needles: US 7

MommaJ and I are going to work these up as a wee knitalong – she has her Caper Sock in a lovely other set of colours, from the same shop. We had a blast in Bar Harbor, capped off by an epic lobster dinner!

And that's what I love about souvenir yarn – you get to re-live a great trip for the duration of the project.

Second sparkly new project:
"Peerie Flooers" by Kate Davies (she of Owls fame)
Yarn: Rowan Fine Tweed, brand new in the shop in all the lovely colours.
Needles: 3, probably (haven't swatched yet)
That will make a nice counterpoint to the straight stockinette and simple stripes of "Tempest."

Some speedy stockinette, mixed with a little charty colourwork … sounds like a balanced diet with lots of fiber to me!