When it's your own &*@&%^ing pattern, and you have FOUR, count 'em, FOUR re-knits.

1) Back: done. Front: done through armhole shaping, and you discover that the second (large) skein has a dyelot issue, and your front will fade to pale through the neckline. Rrrrrrrip. And rrrrip the back to become the front, and off you go to re-knit above the armholes on both pieces. Sigh.

2) Front: split for the V-neck front neckline, and in a spate of commuter knitting, the first front is done, done, capital-D-done! You start on the second side of the front neckline, and things are looking a little... shorter... than the other side of the front. On further, and closer, inspection, the hideous discovery that you've not divided the front in half correctly, so the one side has more stitches than the other. Much swearing, and ripping.

3) Front: done, through the armhole.... Whoops. Except, after that set of cocktails after work, you've managed to forget the armhole decreases after the bind-off on that front. Rrrrrrrrrrrrip.

4) Front: finally done. Back: working up through the armholes.... And that's going well.... And then there's the neckline... Could it be? Done? Done? and edged?


Pattern: Twisted Tweed Vest
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts "Twisted", in colorway "Farmhouse"
Needles: US7 for body, US6 for armholes and neckline

And dudes? Totally a simple pattern to follow - Sandi the Tech Editor did a screamin' job on this one. It's a no-brainer, completely. (Unless you wrote the pattern, apparently!)