on a happier note

We're back! And knitting more than ever, thank goodness.

Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone for your kind words after the last post -- it's the strangest thing, losing a parent. You live with the knowledge that it's bound to happen someday, but you never really comprehend it or incorporate it into your psyche that they might be - gone -.

Meanwhile, the knitting keeps me sane - provided I can keep the UFOs under control, that is!
I just did a tally the other day, and I think I have 17 UnFinished Objects flapping around both the Pied à Terre and the Country Estate, so it's time to recommit to finishing.

First on the plate: my "Twisted Tweed Vest" (a recent design I did for Blue Moon Fiber Arts) - this sample is for the shop, so we can send back the one we have on loan from Tina before she takes it to OFFF.

I'm hoping to follow Kit's dictum of "Finish Two, Start One" so that I can start a "Tempest" as a knitalong with my friend MommaJ, using wonderful String Theory yarn we got on our recent trip to Maine and the Maritimes (more on that trip soon... The food! The wine! The lobster!)

It's all about the yarn, y'all.

See you soon.