the hardest entry to write

Hello, my lovelies.

It's been a tough few months.

We've been smack up against the realities of life and illness over the better part of 2011 here at Casa Akabini… Since last December, we've been back and forth to California to attend to Dad's growing health issues. The cancer he'd been peaceably co-existing with for 14 years finally decided to jump into overdrive. Radiation, ER visits, the stay in a care facility that became permanent rather than temporary...

My dad was my #1 blog fan. I knew that akabini was up on his set of main pages to watch in Safari, and he always had something to say about every entry, even if it was just to say "Wow - I have no idea what all that knitting stuff means." I had to be careful when I hit 'publish' on an entry, because I could always count on my phone ringing about 2 minutes later. "Hi Karini - nothing special... It's just me. That's a nice post!"

Me and Dad in the South of FranceA month ago, with every member of our little family around his bedside, he made his graceful exit. And the world is a little bit smaller without him in it.

Ready to cheer me on in the Seattle Marathon

He was my cheerleader, my champion. Every girl should be so lucky.

Okay, Dad... hitting 'publish' now. Got my phone right here…