Life occurs!

Well, that was a rather unplanned six-month hiatus...

Thanks to all of you for putting up with the same images here for all that time.

Life, as usual, hath outstripped the blogosphere.
To quote Inigo Montoya: "To sum up...":

• Still alive, still knitting.
• Lots of great activity in the yarnosphere: I have a new full-time job, with the Best Yarn Shop in the Whole Entire World; Boyhood and I went to the big trade show in Long Beach and had a grand time and made lots of new friends with a whole socking great lot of new Unpatterns (for which I need to upgrade the website, alack alay);
• We've been a little preoccupied with family stuff in the interim, keeping folks happy and healthy after a few hiccups.

But for now, it's nearly my birthday (yay, fun for me!), and I have a new toy to play with, and there is lots of yarny goodness, and there is more than one fantastic new book out by one of my amazing colleagues...

So let's play. Shall we?