done, done, and done

As fun as it is to start new projects, it's just as fun to clear the decks by getting stuff DONE. Since coming home from a busy work week on Wednesday night, I've finished FOUR projects!

The first I can't share with you (yet) because it's super-duper-top-secret and will be until next week. This I can say - it's gonna be a doozy. Best combination of easy knit, total wearability, and comfortable price point. Plus a great yarn. Oh, and mine is orange. 'Nuff said.

The second is a fair isle felted bag <Rav link> from Sally Melville's great Color book - taken over from a friend who was not feeling the love for stranded colorwork knitting right now.

I love how the Noro Kureyon plays with the black Cascade 220.

Time to felt this guy today and sew on some leather handles!






Third is my first Mohair Bias Loop, done not in mohair but with two strands of Classic Elite's "Silky Alpaca Lace" - one of my new favorite yarns. I love how it's lacy and soft without being too, too hairy. The deep teal did, however, come off on the needles and in the soaking tub, so I'll have to remind myself not to wear this over a white T-shirt until it stops releasing dye.






Fourth is another top-secret item: my latest design for a yarn company I deeply, deeply love. I'll let you know when it's published - I think it's going to be a fun, wearable knit! (Oh, and the yarn is delicious, too.) I've been hatching this design for about 6 months now, and it will be a big relief to get it done and out into the world.






Do you ever get clogged with a project, one that you feel is tying up your mojo and stopping other things from getting off the needles? I'm just hoping I don't come down with a clapping great dose of startitis after this one goes out the door - I still have two sweaters on the needles that need to get done and into the shop pronto!