and ... they're off! (again)

My goodness, where did the autumn go?

Crazy busy over here in both casa akabini North (PT) and South (Bainbridge). I have a newfound respect for all of you who work full-time at day jobs. Phew! Not much time left over in the day (nor energy) to blog, or work out, or cook ...

So the self-care routine has taken a bit of a hammering (though I do love having the stationary bike in the condo so I *could* work out in the evenings), and the blogging and Ravelry updates even more so. Sigh. Never enough time for all the fun one could have!

But now the holiday shopping season is offically launched, and the holiday samples are (nearly) all knit up and hanging in the shop – stop by and take a look, if you're local! I'm really proud of all the pretty knits we made this year. And if you're not local, we have lots of goodies on the website, too!

And now, as the Boy would say - 'Next thing!': we're off in a week (ONE week! eek!) on our Danube cruise, and I am SO excited.

Packing, packing, packing - don't you all pack your knitting first? Clothes, schmothes - you can buy underwear over there, right?

The only nerve-wracking thing is the teaching packing. Will I remember everything? What if someone wants to learn (X) and I don't have it on hand? Teaching travel paranoia - we've seen it before around here.

So what am I doing sitting around here yakking? Gotta go make some handouts!
Boy and I will try to post every day, since Viking River Cruises has promised us free wifi on board!
See you in Europe...