life in a southern town

Hey, peeps:

Time to answer some questions...

• Are you still alive?
Yup, just displaced. Poppy got a hip replacement almost a month ago, and we've decamped to provide support while he rehabs. It's been so great to be around to help out, and it's also been interesting to be removed from our usual home setup for a while. I've been shipping out orders (from my friend's garage), running and working out (OMG obsessed with TRX!), and of course knitting -- just not lace.

• What do you mean, no lace?
Well, I packed two lace projects (one cowl and one Unpattern sweater in lace, just for yucks), and then discovered that I do not have the brain space for lace, no I do not Sam I Am. All Stockinette, All The Time is the mantra of the day, and that my lovelies is how it will stay for the next few weeks until we head home.

• How's the marathon training going?
If you were keeping track, you'd notice that the ticker to the upper right hasn't been moving lately. That's not because I haven't been running -- quite the contrary. I've just decided that with everything else going on, the part-time job that is marathon training needed to get put aside. I'll run another one soon, but Eugene didn't happen for good reason, and Bellingham won't either, and that's okay. I'm actually enjoying building a more casual relationship with my running -- a more day-to-day sustainable regimen. I'll be running 4-6 miles a day, 3-4 days a week for the foreseeable future, and (to quote Martha Stewart), that's a good thing. 

• Have you MadMen'd Yourself?

Why yes I have, thanksforasking:

More soon, my lovelies, I promise.

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