let the ravelry begin!

In the "as if I didn't have enough to do" department...

You know how sometimes deadlines prompt us to get other things done, things that weren't as urgent but suddenly became interesting when something else is on the front burner?

Packing for the trade show, getting ready to hit the show floor and talk about Unpatterns 24/7 has somehow triggered me to get off my duff and (finally!) get an Unpattern forum started on Ravelry.

So, for those of you curious about Unpatterns, or working your way through a complicated design, we'll now have a forum for (nearly) instant feedback.

And for those of you not on Ravelry yet, come on over and check it out! With over 600,000 knitters registered, it's an amazing resource for information on yarns, patterns, and all things fiber-related. It's free! Log in, set up your user profile, and get ready to play. You'll wonder how your knitting ever survived without it!

See you on Ravelry! Or in Columbus … Booth 114!