things i want to knit

The fabulous JPKnits did a cool blog entry the other day simply entitled "Things I Want to Knit." And although she may not have intended it to start a blogswarm, here I am chiming in for the record on my things I want to knit.

(I'm also using this as an opportunity to get all these patterns organized and put my Queue Binder, like the good little Daughter of a Librarian.)

So here they are, in no particular order... The Things I Want to Knit.

First, some sleeveless/short-sleeved numbers:
Joan McGowan-Michaels' "Shapely Tank Top"

Lanaknits "Kathy's Knot Garden Tank" Gardiner Yarn Works "Valencia"

... and then there are some wrap-front tops:

 Carol Sunday's "Poplar & Elm"Kristin Rengren's "Tanis"

Boy's vote is for "Valencia," not surprising since he watched me drool over it in Chrissy's booth at the trade show last January. I have some lovely white merino and silk from Naturally that should be just grand.

So all this inspiration prompted me to re-organize my studio on Sunday. My central work island (which has storage underneath the work surface) now has totes filled with upcoming work projects (Unpattern samples to knit), as well as one part of a shelf dedicated to the queue:

I don't know about you, but I found it frustrating to have yarn mentally dedicated to projects that was still filed away with the rest of my stash. I tend to buy yarn with a vague notion of the kind of garment I want to make out of it; and then in the fullness of time select a pattern (or design one) to knit out of it. As a result, I have a mental category called "stash masquerading as projects" (or, if I'm frustrated with them, "projects masquerading as stash." This re-org helped me return some languishing SMasP's to the stash where they really belonged.

So... what do you want to knit? and how do you keep it fresh in your mind without making you feel guilty or crazy?