today's FOrecast

Cloudy with a chance of... Cardigan?

Yup, that's right –  better sit right down, because we've got a UFO coming off the needles!

Pattern: "Gatsby" from Shibui Knits
Yarns: Koigu KPM (for the torso) and 2 colors Kidsilk Haze held together for upper body
Needles: US 4 (3.5mm) and US 3 (3.25)

It was just about shameless how long this sat in the UFO bin, and at what stage of near-completion. When I pulled it out a few weeks ago, I had just 20 or so rows to go on one front, and then assembly and bands to do.

Sadly, this isn't the only place that 'abandonitis' shows up in my life… I'm spending some time lately noticing the number of things I get almost done. Weeding? Laundry? (Hell, they don't count because they're simply never done before another round starts again.)

But there's a moment, about 85% through a project, where I heave a premature sigh of relief, seeing that the end is in sight … and that somehow gives me permission to put it down and pick up something else. Maybe I'm easily distracted, or maybe it's that the projects lose their compelling interest when I know how they're going to end?

Anyway, that must be yet another reason I'm attracted to marathons: you have to do EVERY. LAST. STEP. yourself. And you're not done until you're done, dammit. Same with mystery novels and makeover shows: since the 'reveal' comes at the bitter end, you gotta hang in there for the payoff.

Of course, blogging about an FO when you still have to do the final blocking and sew on the buttons is, of course, only perpetuating the problem.

See ya!

[How do you all handle your finishing? Do you roar through like a bear? Or do you sneak up on it from downwind? Do your projects go into 'time outs' like mine? Discuss amongst yourselves. I'll be the gal in the corner with the backer buttons and the sewing needle, finishing.]