new uses for exercise equipment, and more

Dateline Los Altos: Knitter discovers ideal alternate use for exercise equipment:

(I mean, really - if you were knitting a top-down, wouldn't you snap a progress shot like this?)

Yarn: A Verb for Keeping Warm "Wishing," in colorway "Chartreuse's Sister."
This yarn has the claim to fame of being the only yarn I've ever slept with. As in, on the pillow next to me in my hotel room at Stitches. So I could wake up looking at it. Really.
Needles: 3.5mm/US4 Ebony Suzanne's needles. In a word? Yum. Perfect for this yarn.
Pattern: "Featherweight Cardigan" from KnitBot (ravelry link)

Top-down raglans are such mindless fun, ideal for hospital and recovery knitting.

Poppy's doing very well - walked up the driveway to get his newspaper this morning! But I'm staying on down here through next week to make sure he's truly on the mend and back up to speed again.

So in the meantime, the Spring/Summer Twist Collective is up, and d*mned if I don't want to knit THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS! I need to find that fifth dimension, where all the extra time goes.