and, in running news...

For those of you hankering for a running update (c'mon, I know you're out there)...

You may have noticed the mile-o-meter at right hadn't ticked up into the triple digits this season, and the Eugene Marathon is only a little over a month away. What gives?

Well, I chose the Eugene Marathon because it was early in the season (May, rather than September or October); what I remember most about last year is not having any summer weekend time to garden, because I was always either running four to five hours at a stretch, or laying on the couch recovering from running four to five hours at a stretch. So the spring marathon seemed like a good idea. Right?

But then came The Month That Wasn't (i.e. February), so we're back to square one.
I realized a few weeks ago that I needed to take something off my plate or I was just gonna pop from the stress, so the marathon training is shelved for a few months while I play catch-up from TNNA and all the goodies that February brought.

In the meantime, fear not, I'm still hitting the streets -- in fact, last week was my first three-running-day week, with mileage in the double digits, since January. The goal, for right now, is to hit three days a week running and three days a week weightlifting and cross-training, so that I'll be in peak form for B'ham come September.

And in knitting news, I'm working on not one, but *two* Top-Secret-Design-Thingys this week, so just imagine I'm doing something really cool that y'all will get to enjoy later this year in friends' fabulous books.

More on the UFOs tomorrow, when I will have two to report officially FO'd!