resident aliens

Okay, so those UFOs...
They range from the absurd
(who leaves a project done up to the weaving in of the ends? I mean really...)
to the epic
(fingering-weight black pullovers. Eminently wearable, death-march to knit.).

I'll take the next few blog entries to introduce you to them (all!), and hopefully by the time I'm done writing about them, some of them will have finished themselves!

(Hey - a girl can dream.)

1. The Absurd: a wee baby hat, with only ends to weave in...
Yarn: AslanTrends "Pima Clasico" 100% cotton, in a color called "Dahlia."
Needles: US 6 or 7? Can't recall… I cast it on in the blur that was TNNA.

Just a little i-cord detail on the top for fancy fun.
Nurse K's baby will get this just as soon as it emerges!

I had nurtured some hopes that the colorway might inspire one baby name choice, should it turn out to be a girl. But the parents have decided that they will name it after his mom instead of after a yarn. Whatever. (Priorities, man! Priorities!)

2. "Easy Peasy Baby Sweater,"

Yarn: Sublime "Soya Cotton DK" (3 skeins and a skosh)
Needles: again, can't recall. US 4? US 5? US 6?

This was me test-driving an upcoming variation on the popular Churchmouse pattern in DK weight. I think I might have begun this as a class sample… but now I can't even remember teaching the class! Oy.

Again, all finished but the shouting: two side seams, one sleeve seam, and some buttons to sew on. All ready for Nurse K's baby next month!

Instead of focusing on just how short my attention span or memory are these days, please to notice the adorable buttons I have on hand:

Too cute, right?
I'll be able to finish this sucker up on Monday, when I demo Mattress Stitch seaming in one of my afternoon classes at Churchmouse.

One more? Let's continue in the baby theme, shall we?

3. Stella Pixie Hat!
Pattern: Stella Pixie Hat, by Kristen Rengren from Vintage Baby Knits
Yarn: Sundara Sock, in colorway "Violet," I think.
Needles: US 3

Started this one in the hotel room on our way to Victoria with the Sisterhood of the Travelling Needles last fall. What a fun wee project!

In fact, I was enamored of this construction and the aesthetics of Kristen's designs that I just bought the book. I'm going to rely upon the inevitability that people around me will continue to make babies to knit for, so…

(And besides, when you don't have 800 UFOs sucking up all your knitting time, you can actually finish up a baby item in relatively little time!)


So there's the tip of the iceberg: all the wee little knits that are just going to need an hour or so of loving attention before they can walk out the door attached to a small, new person.

And here's the plan. I recognize that I probably took one puff too many on the Crazy Pipe the other day when I announced my intention to finish up all these items by my birthday. This calendar year is a more realistic goal, don't you think? Three sweaters, laceweight shawls… Yeah. End of the year oughta do me.

And I came up with a great solution to the problem of finding enough knitting time!

(That's my new Soak tub, "Carrie," sitting to the left of the exerbikle:

Happily containing a few UFOs for me to work on while I watch reruns of "The Biggest Loser" on our AppleTV.

Now, that's what I call multi-tasking!