a wee dose of reality

Hello again, friends...

The whirlwind month (a.k.a. February) is behind us here at casa akabini, and we're revelling in the simple pleasures, like eating home-cooked meals, vacuuming, and... sorting? Organizing?

You bet.

What with the Big TNNA Push of Fall 2009, and then Whirlwind Month, the backlog of stuff to do and put away has kind of gotten out of hand around here.

So yesterday, instead of going running (oy), I spent a few afternoon hours getting the Rockettes down for their spring nap, and then dressed up all the new shop files with our new labelmaker (!):


There's a lot of away being put around here… which just reveals the other absurdity that lingers in my studio: The UFO Stash.

Inside those Ziplocs beat the hibernating hearts of untold projects.… All worthy candidates for my attention and affection, but all lingering under the sheer lack of time lately to devote to Any Other Knitting Besides Unpattern Samples.

But all that is about to change.

Effective immediately, all my knitting time not devoted to work-related knitting (I know, sounds a bit absurd, but I have teaching samples and more Unpatterns to crank out!) will be devoted to getting these suckas DONE.

I'm hoping I can finish them up before my 42nd birthday at the beginning of May… I think that would be a lovely way to ring in a new life year. I managed this once before, about 8 years ago – I finished up every single thing I had on the needles! Cast off that last project, made a cup of tea, and then made it about 16 minutes before casting on for something new. But the burst of creativity engendered by lightening the load was colossal. I look forward to that – kind of like losing those last 10 pounds!

Stay tuned for the next installment, where we Meet the UFOs!