ready, steady...


Olympic knitting UFOs, clockwise from upper left:

1) "Whisper Weave Scarf" (my own pattern): Isager Alpaca 1. Linen Stitch, nice and wide, US 6 faaahbulous rosewood needles, handmade on Bainbridge. Smooooth.

2) "Gatsby Sweater" from KnitPurl in Portland. 2 strands of Kidsilk Haze for the upper bodice, Koigu monochrome for the torso in Cardigan Belt Rib (my new fave). Remind me to show you the buttons I got yesterday in the Madrona market. Oooh.

3) At bottom, my "Gallivant" crocheted (yes, you heard that right!) skirt, designed my my supremely talented sister-in-law, Mooseknits. In two shades of Koigu.

Hey, there's a Canadian theme to the fibers in my Olympic projects! Koigu, Koigu, Koigu!

GO, Canada!
As an honourary Canadian, I'm so chuffed for these Winter Games, I can't even tell ya.
And I know that by working on UFOs, I'm not adhering to the 'official' Knitting Olympics rules, but these are the things that are important for me to get off the needles. So let the games begin!