traveling sweater assembly

Hello, my lovelies...

A little design of mine hit the world earlier this year, and I'm so happy to see so many of you working up your own Traveling Sweaters!

But I do realize that the assembly instructions can seem somewhat daunting when taken at first flush. So, in the spirit of "a picture is worth a thousand words," here is a photo tutorial of the seaming and assembly process on this bad boy. Once you've seen it laid out here, I hope you'll feel more at home putting yours together!

(Fabulous beach house optional for assembly.) (But it helps.)

Step One: Layout.

This is the circular collar/body, laying on the floor with the RS facing up and the cast on & last rows at the 6 o'clock position:

(If you have the RS facing up, the provisional cast-on stitches will be to the right, and the live stitches from the last row on their waste yarn will be to the left.)

Next: Lay out your back/sleeve pieces in the center hole, with their RS also facing up, and their cast-on edges at the inside of the circle, pointing north/south:

Note where the angled side of each back portion is – at the top in the photo. Those will become the shoulders, so they need to be at the top of the sweater.

Step Two: First Seam.

Your collar/body was knit in 8 wedges (each consisting of 4 repeats). Note the pins marking the division between the wedges):

You will be seaming the bottom and tops of each back piece to two wedges.

I first seamed wedges 8 and 7 to the lower edge of the left back, like this:

The pin you placed to mark the beginning of the sleeve shaping is the marker for the end of that red line and this seam.

Staying on the left half of the sweater, your next mission is the shoulder seam. And, you guessed it, you'll be seaming wedges 6 and 5 to the top of the back, where the angled shaping is:

The AHA! moment here is when you realize that in order to sew these parts together, the two pins that mark the beginning of the sleeve have to come together at the underarm. This causes the sleeve to form a tube from that point down.

I crocheted my prototype together with contrasting yarn to show you how that top seam works, and how the two pieces converge:

Mirror-image symmetry being what it is, you'll do those same two seams (lower back and upper back) on the right side of the sweater, with wedges 1 & 2 seamed to the lower back and wedges 3 & 4 seamed to the upper back.

Seaming method? Up to you, but I enjoyed crocheting them together (with the Woobu, not the contrasting yarn, ultimately.) (Ahem.)

Step Three: Fusing the Spine.

Sadly, I have no photos of this phase (must have gotten too excited to be that close to the finish line!)

But what you are left with at this point is a 'spine' that is split up the back of the sweater, from the 6 o'clock position on up to the inside edge of the collar/body at the intersection of wedges 4 & 5 (at the 12 o'clock position).

Those top wedges (4 & 5) will lay behind your neck and form the collar, that can double as a hood! I didn't want any seams there, so I had you do the collar/body all in one piece, all 8 wedges of it.

The remaining assembly is done by knitting the two edges together and then working a two-stitch I-cord bind-off. You begin at the top of the seam (where the base of your neck would be): in the first pass, you knit the stitches together from the two sides, alternating K2tog and P2tog.

In the second pass, working from the base of the garment back up to the neck, you work that two-stitch I-cord bind-off.

Photos of that in another post, as soon as I can get some little samples worked up for demo.

If anything needs further clarification or could use improvement, feel free to leave a (gentle, productive) comment! Happy finishing!