well, *that* was fun!

The Rockettes, representing in our booth at TNNA a few weeks ago...

It was amazing to see it all come together, after spending the last months of last year visualizing and knitting and writing and planning.

Thanks to all the great shops who came by, and asked questions, and were willing to give Unpatterns a shot. I hope your customers love working with them, and make lots of glorious sweaters with them!

We're all back home now, even the Rockettes.... They're in the backyard, trying to organize a neighborhood barbecue. (They got so used to that Southern California weather, I kinda hate to break it to them that it's January.)

What's next? The six new Pullover Unpatterns are launching in the first days of February. Madam's coming up next week, and will help me ship them out to shops, and the Prime Minister will be uploading them to Patternfish at the rate of one a day or so for that first week in February. Thanks to all of you for your patience as I put them together – I'm taking some time to make sure they're as error-free as possible, so you'll have more fun knitting with them!

In the meantime, I'm due some couch time: think I'll knit myself one of these, and then one of these.