sometimes it's the little things

I have a new obsession, and I'm taking out on a wee project right now.

(I mean, really - when a girl has to run for 20 miles at a time in the name of training, she deserves a little scarf knitting, right?)

Yarn: Isager Alpaca 2, color 011; 3 skeins (which I had left over from my Lily Cardigan, and couldn't bear to return because it's just too lovely. And will look great with my new jeans jacket.)
I'm holding the Isager Alpaca 2 double-stranded, which knit up as a worsted in the cardigan (20sts/4" or 10cm). So any worsted-weight soft yarn would do as well with this stitch count and this needle size.

Needles: Addi Turbo Lace (vrrrooom!), US 8 / 5.0 mm, length not important.

Stitch Pattern
: "Cardigan Belt Rib," which I first encountered in the Gatsby Cardigan from Shibui, and which I now love with an unholy passion.


Here's how it works:
Cast on (a multiple of 4) plus 3 more.

I used the crochet cast-on, and 47 stitches for a nice, wide-ish scarf. It's currently 6" wide, at rest, unblocked, with those sts and this needle size. I'm hoping to block it out to somewhere between 8"–9".

Row 1: K3, *bring yarn to front and slip next st, K3*.

Row 2: K1, *bring yarn to front and slip next st, K3* repeat across until you only have 2 sts left, end with slip 1 with yarn in front, K1.

That's it!

Makes a great AFP (Afternoon/Alcohol Friendly Project) without being ungodly boring.

When I finish this 'un, I need to make another one with 2 strands of Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace in (what else?) orange. Much smaller needle (maybe a 5?), and more stitches, but just as loverly.

Details on my Ravelry page, but you've got 'em all here, so enjoy!