a birth announcement

(Dateline: Port Townsend, WA, US): Last week, after one of the longest creative-gestational periods ever recorded in the knitting world, a pattern was quietly unleashed upon the world.

Pattern: Linen-Stitch Faroese Shawl  Yarn: 1400 yards (or so) fingering-weight handpainted sock yarn, such as Koigu KPPPM or Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock™ Lightweight. In one colorway, or in several colorways blended up the shawl as you work.
Needles: US 13 (9mm) [no, that's not a typo!]

I knit the first of these looong before I ever contemplated the possibility of knitting or writing patterns for a living. I had 8 skeins of Koigu KPPPM from a "Charlotte's Web" kit, and cast on for this shawl as a "what a knit on my summer vacation" project ... for the vacation in the lovely little shack in the South of France. [Nice work if you can get it, eh? It's a lovely spot.]

Thing was, I would wear the Koigu original at big knitting events, and wave it under the noses of my students in Linen Stitch class... but hadn't the foggiest of how to approach writing up the pattern. I had no notes (unless you count that coaster with a few penciled numbers on it, splashed with Cabernet stains), and crap – how did I get that shaping to work like that? Did I change the rate of decrease partway through?

So it remained on my list of "patterns to write up someday," until it became "the only pattern I haven't written up yet," and it was suddenly the gigantic design UFO around my creative neck.

Onto the front burner it went, earlier this year, and after knitting up this new one out of Socks That Rock™ Lightweight, we were off to the races. With the kind helping hand of Karen F., Tech Editor To the Stars, I got my jiggy on with it and it's live now for all the world to see and download.

Web exclusive on Patternfish; Churchmouse has paper copies if you prefer yours that way. Right now, those are the two places to get it - soon to be in stores nationwide? My plan for world domination through linen stitch proceeds apace!

Enjoy! As I say on the pattern: Handpainted sock yarn never had it so good.