camp (for grownups)

We're packing again! This time, we're loading up the Most Adorable Trailer Ever
and heading south.

For the next week, I will be surrounded by people geeking out in the creative field of their choice, people exercising their creative passions with colleagues of various degrees of experience and professionalism.

There will be groups gathered to share information and sit in circles and play and goof off together until late in the night… I'll walk past clusters of people sharing the deep intricacies of some abstruse point on their way to the showers... And for days, the creative energy of people making Really Cool Stuff will wash all around me.

Sock Summit?


Guitar Camp.

Mind you, the only time I've ever really hung onto a guitar for any length of time was in sixth grade, when my friend Lynne and I took lessons largely because the instructor looked like one of those cute Hardy Boys on TV. (Well, okay - Lynne's intentions may have been purer.)

And I don't have aspirations to take up an axe and play – I just love living with a player, and I love music (and I'm pretty shameless about loving to sing, and will do so even before I'm invited. Whoops.).

So I'm going to go bask in all that creative energy for a week, and work on this little book I've been hatching. This morning we're packing up The Cutest Trailer Ever:

… with all the necessities for a week in the woods:

(Two guitars; three projects. Seems fair, right?)
(Fear not for me. Rumor has it there's a good yarn shop within driving distance.)

And lest you think us complete lushes, repeat after me: the three bottles of gin are for sharing!

This may be Camp for Grownups, but Kindergarten rules still apply:
"If you didn't bring enough for everyone..."

See you in a week.
[With any luck, I won't have internet access and will therefore actually be able to get something done.]