why knitters love road trips

Hello, little blog.
I missed you!

Thanks for being patient while I was away... in the warm, rolling hills of the Land of California, home of expensive cars and Very Important People Driving Very Fast.

Himself and I loaded up the car and drove to the BaYarea a few weeks ago, with the express intentions of hanging out with Dr. K and my dad, and helping them out a little bit ... Dad with more house stuff, and Dr. K with a birthday.

There was a little work, a lot of play, and even a dress-up night here. Such fun.

And you know? We could have flown. But...
When you're a knitter, there's a special magic about the phrase "Road Trip."

We knitters don't immediately flash on roadside rest areas, bad convenience-store food, and aching backs from sitting in the car. We hear: "Hours of uninterrupted knitting time!"

A project I Had No Business Starting.
I weaseled my way into knitting a shop sample, and swatched before leaving later that week.

Two days and sixteen driving hours later:

Voilà! Crisp!

Yarn: Louet Gems Sport, in a charcoaly-brown-ish color that the Germans call "Petrol"
Needles: 3.5mm/US4, with 3.25mm/US3 for edgings
Pattern: "Crisp" from Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic

There is a little woven detail in the shoulder saddles and around the waist that is simply adorable (easy to work, too!). Marianne Isager is right: smaller-needle knitting does go faster!

All this, while Mother Nature was having her way with the out-of-doors:

Turns out, driving to California at the end of July was the perfect way to avoid triple-digit temperatures! While our friends and loved ones were slowly roasting in Seattle, we got treated to temps in the low eighties with morning fog; good for girls running half-marathon distances before pancake.!

One week later, reverse the order of operations, and hey presto Eureka and lo, Louise gets a chance to weigh in with her opinion of Crisp:

The only way she could like it better is if I actually finished the other armhole edging.
[Picky, picky.]