birthday birthday birthday!

It's July, which means the birthdays just come flying fast and furious … Two aunts, the Reverend Johnson, and some nearest and dearest all celebrate in the next few days.


A few special shouts out to today's birthday peeps:

Nephew J.P. turns 14 today! (Thank goodness for that - earlier I thought he was 15 already!)

I hope you have a great birthday weekend, and I can't wait to see what this next year brings out of your talented hands. (He's off to an arts-directed high school in the fall, which is only miraculous because I feel like it was just yesterday that I was pushing him in a stroller to the park).

[p.s. If your prezzy didn't arrive in the mail today, it'll be there tomorrow! Hope you like it!]


Second shout out goes to BlueGal, blogger and galpal extraordinaire. I tell ya, if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have a single clue what to think about what goes on on Capitol Hill. Writer, mother, friend, and all-around excellent woman who has a way with panties (don't ask - just go read). Here's to a great birthday weekend, and I wish I could be there to enjoy the fibery goodness with you and threadingwater!

To quote you back to you, my dear: I knew you when!


Third immediate birthday is still imminent as of this post: Herself's Right-Hand Man, E-Van-Van, has a birthday tomorrow. I'll raise a metaphorical glass to the man that makes our girl smile. Thanks for that, and I know you will enjoy your presents! (I've seen pictures - but no spoilers here.)


And lest we forget, in a few days Our Man Upstairs has a birthday. So, Lorenzo - as you launch into your new life year, remember that life is like planting tulips:

Keep the pointy side up!