it's an art, not a science

Shock-horror: actual knitting content ahead!

[Non-knitters may want to skip ahead to the running content. Or not.]

The black Malabrigo Sock Top-Down Pullover with Set-in Sleeves is just about due to come out of its bag after an extended time-out. It's been there, well, because... because of a miscalculation which I choose to blame on the sweater instead of on the designer.

Photographic evidence of what I've wanted to avoid acknowledging for the last month:

I'm pointing to my careful short-row bust shaping (lower finger), and ... my actual bust (upper finger.) You see, the problem is that despite the ravages of gravity, my bustline does not usually reside quite on top of my belly button.

There's a whole lot of size-one-and-a-half-needle ripping in my future. Gurp.

With faith in positive thinking, however, I'm declaring that this is the ideal opportunity to fix the massive amount of rolling it's doing at the bottom:

(Does wonders for the muffin top, hey?)

Oh, and I managed to make the sleeves too long, too! By about three inches! See?

But at least the sleeve cap is not too bunchy – it should block out nicely.
[Impossible to see in the photo below due to bad lighting, so sorry … But for the sake of posterity I'll post it here anyway.]

Further evidence, as if y'all needed any, that design is an art, not a science. We can calculate, and plan, but in the end we're creating a flexible fabric to wrap around some (very odd!) shapes. So we plan, and then check, and then check again … and when adjustments are required, we put our big-girl boots on and do the necessary. Because in the end, it's the finished sweater that you're left with; eventually, you forget the hours of knitting that went in and got ripped out. I want to wear this puppy with pride for years and years, and that's worth investing another few weeks in.

Besides, Boy and I got a road trip coming up! 2 days in the car to go down to Cali: time to visit Dad again, and celebrate Doctor K's birthday in STYLE.

Okay, that's all for today: Got me a hot date with a ball winder to unravel this bad boy. Wish me luck.