a good day

… and it's only noon!

The fun started last night, when I made a special trip down for a fun evening staff crochet class down at the shop.

Then there's a morning dog walk, followed immediately by the internal fortitude to head out for the week's long run. Seven miles in the streaming sunshine, beating the yard-sale-per-mile record by leaps and bounds. (I swear, we Pacific Northwesterners do know how to take advantage of our sunshine!)

A chocolate protein shake to keep the strength up, then a session of website primping to announce the new Unpattern up on Patternfish, and a celebratory Ravelry purchase/download to bring the weekend full circle (by noon on Saturday! a new record):

My summer-school fiber project (along with the Tour de Fleece, starting next Saturday):


a sideways crocheted skirt
designed by none other than...
My sister-in-law, Mooseknits!

Any yarn suggestions, D?
Stash diving now…
I may only come up for air in time for cocktails later.

Cheers, everyone!