Big Trip: Welcome to BlogLag

Hey, peeps.

Sorry to stay away so long: I was trying to get caught up there while we had wi-fi in London last week, but a post a day was about the most I could pop out before collapsing into bed after a day's touristing.

So I now owe you a week's worth of posts, taking the adventure from Marazion around the Lizard Peninsula and up into Falmouth, plus two whirlwind days in London, and our arrival in Good Old Germany.

... Just as soon as we get ourselves and our computer to a spot with a reliable wi-fi signal!

On the knitting front:
* The third attempt at gauge on the Argyle socks actually worked, so I'm on gauge and underway at last!
* Bavarian Socks are still dead in the water until I can get my hands on the abbreviations ... Ravelry may be the answer, thanks Karen F.
* Black Malabrigo pullover got its I-cord neckline edging in Cornwall. Finished the shirttail hem in London, and had a chance to try it on. It's a winner! A great custom fit, with girlie shaping and bust short-rows. Picked up around the armhole and worked my very first ever short-row sleeve cap, which also looks great!

Perhaps I used up all my knitterly mojo on the sweater? Would explain why I've had such a hard time of it on the socks.