so close

Ooooh, it's getting closer!

There's even trim around the doors and along the floors!

And that bright, shiny object in the sky? Over the door?
Evidence that I've been 'akabini' in three states!

[It was fully fifteen years ago that my brother said to me: "You're the only person I know who has a personalized license plate to match their AOL account!"]

I've had "AKABINI" plates in three states: Iowa, California, and now Washington. It's always good for a few conversations in ferry lines and traffic jams.

And, on the knitting front, there has been progress on the very first Unpattern Top-Down with Set-In Sleeves:

Boyhood says, of course, "That's perfect! Stop there!"
Um, right.

I'm thinking I might bring this along on Our Big Trip…
Which hasn't received much publicity in this space yet.
But that's about to change!
In TEN DAYS, we're off on an epic almost-four-week odyssey which will take us to London-Bath-Cornwall-London-Germany-Amsterdam!

So what does a girl pack to knit on such a trip?
Lots of fingering-weight yarn, that's for sure - taking a page out of Elizabeth Zimmermann's book. Plenty of knitting time on small needles, and not a lot of weight in the suitcase. Sounds prime to me!