a plea

Interrupting our narrative with a confession, and a little whine for help.

You will have noticed the lack of knitterly content in this space during the trip...
Partly, it's due to all the great times and snaps I've wanted to share, but it's partly also due to the fact that I have made some of the most classically bonehead blunders when it comes to my projects for this trip.

I present to you the following evidence:

Exhibit A:
Four (4) projects, all of lace- or fingering-weight yarns. Could totally have gotten away with only two: the black Malabrigo sweater, which is going along swimmingly but as slowly as a sweater on size 2's with sock-weight yarn is likely to go; and the Linen-Stitch laceweight shawl that will be the project of the century at this rate.

Exhibit B:
The two other projects, both socks, seemed reasonable at the time. However, they have several strikes against them.

The first is the Argyle Sock out of the Vogue Knitting Ultimate Sock book… and for some reason I cannot explain, I thought it would be a good thing to take intarsia on the plane. Yeah. Right. Five wee balls of yarn to track in my lap, with tray table down and all. Yeah.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I swatched for gauge like a good little girl, got it perfectly before we left home, and then for some unknown reason, on the needles I took on the plane (the ONLY needles I took on the plane!), I was waaaaaaay off gauge? Grrr.

The second is the Bavarian Sock out of the same book. One skein; DPNs. I have my set of multiple sizes, so no prospect of getting stuck on the gauge thing...
Except I get 10 rounds into it and realize:

I've neglected to bring the explanation of the abbreviations with me. On an international trip.

Yeah. And I call myself a professional.

So if someone out there has the Vogue Ultimate Sock book to hand, and has a moment to spare for a suffering fellow knitter, would you mind looking up the 4 cable patterns and typing out the explanations for me? I would be eternally in your debt.