Big Trip, Day 6: Round the Cape

Let's see... where did we leave you?

At the end of our eventful first day's hike (cows! washed-out trails! strangers in bars!), we arrived in the little working town of St. Just and, thanks to the miracle of great roadside signage, found our hotel without a hitch.

A quick freshen-up, and it was off to the Wellington Hotel's restaurant for a bite to eat ... and... a barfight?

Well, yeah. It was Sunday evening, after all – and by the looks of it, some folks had been in there since the pastor let them out after morning services. 'Wayne' didn't like the looks of the chap at the bar, but the landlord gently escorted him out and Himself and I could enjoy our fish & chips in peace.



Turns out there used to be some confusion about which was the Westernmost point in England...


Or this?

(Hint: When you get designated the "Most" of something, you get dibs on the big hotel.)

On this, our second day of hiking, we enjoyed the rest of the Western coastline, and turned the corner onto the Southern! Cape Cornwall was spectacular and craggy – windy as all get-out, with lots of cliffs and crags. Which, of course, explains why someone had the brilliant idea to put a GOLF COURSE out there.

We sh*t you not: it's blowing 40mph, you're right on the Western Ocean, and someone thinks it's possible to aim a little ball with a long stick into the little holes with the yellow flags? Sadism, or masochism, your choice.

Never mind, we're off hiking instead. No chasing little balls here!

But all that up and down hills makes a boy and a girl thirsty! Oh, and hungry, too.
So it's time for the obligatory "food and drink with forearm and watch in the background" shot!

Does it look good? Well, it was. You can get your own, here:

Which also happens to be here:

... and down the road from our new home-away-from-home when next we come to Cornwall:

(Only sleeps two. Sorry!)

'Round Land's End (the original one, not the American clothing company), and up and over waaaay too many headlands (note to self: it's always around the NEXT headland), we arrived into cozy, beachy Porthcurno, home of England's connexion to the world via underwater telegraph cables!