Big Trip: Vocabulary Lesson

Before we left on this trip, BFF Fiona (native of Nottingham, transplant to Canada) joked: "That's right – You speak the same three languages I do! American, Canadian, and English!"

An excellent reminder that my readership could do with a bit of a language refresher.
Repeat after me:

These are CHIPS.

These are NOT chips.

These are CRISPS. Got it?


Even when you are in Bath, do NOT ask where you can find the Bathroom.
(Technically, every room here could be a Bath room - geddit?)


(Left for Gents, right for Ladies.)

But don't get them confused with MOD CONS, yea verily though they might be the replacement for these:

(We joked anyway, and called these "The Old Cons.")

More lessons later, children. It's off to high tea again.