Day Three, Part II: Showers in Bath

When we last left our protagonists, they were out in the countryside, coping with National Fluids provided at this fine canalside establishment:

(You hear that, George in Portland? This one's got your name on it!)

To keep our strength up, we chose to partake in some traditional fodder:

Don't let the patina of health in the foreground (Malted Baguette with Tomato, Mozzarella, & Basil) trap your eye: there's plenty here to clog the arteries if we let it. Chips (with the American and sacriligeous ketchup), plus Fish Pie with Cheesy Mash and Mixed Veg. on the side.

And just as we were finishing up our pints & grub, it started to rain… so it was with full bellies that we turned back on the canal path to Bath.

Not possible to get lost, with local residents there to show us the way:

(Yeah, but let's not kid ourselves here: the one on the left is really saying "Hey, Missy! What did you do with the end of that baguette?")

A lovely first day in Jolly Old England.

Time to update the Trip Statistics!

Days in England: 1
Miles Walked: 8.5

Pasties: 2
Pints: 8 (6 ale, 2 cider)
Pies: 1
Cream Teas: 2
Full English Breakfasts: 2

So far, the only problem is the ratio of miles to calories. But next week should remedy that straightaway.
(Oh, that and the complete lack of gin!)