Big Trip, Day Three: Taking a Bath

Doing what we do best over here: exploring and, well...eating!

Our friend (and not-quite-ex Brit) Gareth gave us a photo of one of his Full English Breakfasts from when his last trip to Wales. This worked well as a sort of field guide, much as birders use to identify markings and colorings (though this proved more savory than any old bird):

(Yup, that's a french press for coffee for us at our table. We love our new landlord, Steve: Boyhood told him when he dropped this at the table "Oh yeah, we're going to get along just fine."

Fortified by the above (and amused by the little bacon rounds! See?), we headed off for a stroll in the countryside. What we thought would be a rather straightforward 4-miles-out, 4-miles back along the Kennet & Avon Canal turned into a rather non-linear experience (curse that Mercury!) at the start.

But who cares when there are views like this?

Or this?

 Our non-linear silly start to our walk had its upside: the lucky coincidence of being at a lock at the right time to see this couple come through on their rented barge:

Seems that Americans in particular like to rent these boats and come over for a few weeks to float up- and downriver. Perhaps it's because the process of moving through the locks simply can't be rushed: the water will take just that long to flow in or out of the bit you're in. Period.

And besides, when you're moving at a stately 2 or 3 knots, you actually have time to see things.... like the lovely way the British have with their back gardens:

Take that, Italy: we've gotcher dolce vita right here!

A little more nonlinearity on the other end of our walk (note to self: a British town is NEVER two miles away and uphill from the church!)...

... We found a lovely spot for a spot of refreshment:

Pint of Bitter for Boy, Cider and Linen Stitch for girl.

This post is getting long, and somehow it's about time for us to get out to dinner, so I'll say Cheerio for now and leave more for Post Part II.