Big Trip, Day Zero: Odyssey

That guy Odysseus? Total slacker.

What with the Hood Canal Bridge being out of commission for 6 weeks, we of the Olympic Peninsula have been feeling a little like we're living the island life. It takes a long time to drive around Hood Canal, so mostly we've just been staying put.

But the bridge closure is the same reason I'm not heading to Churchmouse to teach regularly this spring. And since it's too much of a hassle to get down there consistently, why not just take a European Vacation? (I know – creative solution, eh?)

Should have read my Iliad first, tho.
We apparently forgot to check in with Aeolus first…

Here's how the day panned out:

11 am: Boy and I walk to Uptown, grab some treats at Pane d'Amore, and hop a shuttle to our Park & Ride.
11:20: the #7 bus heads off to Port Hadlock, through Port Ludlow, and heads toward the water shuttle … when – the driver gets the call. 'Stop at the Gateway Visitor Center and hold for further instructions.' Oy.
12:30: We get a little excited, because they give us clearance to head down to the water shuttle dock… Except? It's only to pick up passengers from the last boat to come across.

No boats are docking – because they can't. Freak windstorm, just over Hood Canal, meant that the last crossing was heinous enough for them to cancel the water shuttle for three hours. [A young man on the last boat to make it across, who'd been on boats since he was 11, said he got seasick for the very first time during that crossing.

But, as my dad says, it's good to have friends. Larry to the rescue! He took an hour out of his day to come retrieve us where we were stranded on the bus and hauled us back to P.T.
Time check? 2 p.m.


This, my friends, is why we're heading to Seattle a day BEFORE our flight.

We regroup. If this is how the day is going, it's time to enjoy it: lunch at one of our favorite waterfront bistros. Once refreshed, it's time for Plan B: drive around. Not the most environmentally-friendly option, but we're in the biodiesel jalopy.

2:30 pm: Leave P.T. heading south on Highway 20 – down along the east side of Hood Canal – swoop around through the backside of Kitsap County and up to the Bainbridge ferry.

We land, safely (thank goodness) at Doctor B's house, at … 6:30 p.m.

SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS after we started.

Friends remind me that Mercury is in retrograde, which explains a lot (if you you subscribe to that sort of thing).

Let's just hope that we've now managed to pre-disaster this trip by front-loading all the nuttiness in our local area, where we have friends and flexibility.

… Umm – so what's that about thunderstorms in Seattle today? Right over Sea-Tac?
Somebody give me Aeolus' cell number. I gotta bone to pick with that bad boy.