I'm just floored...

Boy, you put down a floor and it just collects stuff on top of it!

Underneath the construction debris, and the giant trash can, lives my
(I know: things you don't think about until you need them replaced, eh?)

R-30 insulation underneath; a few layers of 6-mil poly plastic cloth for vapor barrier, and gorgeous new plywood sheathing! (Funny how the smell of freshly-cut wood takes me right back to the days when Himself and I were courtin'; told him yesterday "It's the smell of love!") (Takes all kinds.)

And as an extra bonus? Buh-bye old bathroom!

There's something about an outdoor toity that just says 'home' to me...
Buh-bye ratty sink cabinet that used to sit smack up against the too-small shower stall, leaving juuust enough space for things to fall between them and get stuck in the dust and grime for months on end.

So yes, while I realize that it's palatial by the standards of many of the worlds' citizens, I am nonetheless thrilled and excited at the prospect of having a little Ladies' Half-Bath (a.k.a. "The Primping Room") for my womanly beauty rituals. Himself is putting in a long counter with sink where the sink and shower used to be, with plenty of space for hair roller sets and curling irons and makeup and the like. The capper is the lighted makeup mirror, like they have in the nice hotels where we go for Stitches.

My favorite part about the makeup mirror? It's the accessory that Knitty built: the mirror came to the same amount (down to the penny!) of my honorarium for Imagine. Now, when I'm putting on my mascara in the lighted glory of that mirror, I'll be thinking of knitters and Knitty and having a little giggle at cosmic coincidences.

On the knitting front, there are two (sadly, unbloggable) design projects for release next year in a friends' upcoming book, and that means there is slow progress on both the Gatsby and the black Malabrigo top-down. I'll try to get the black off the needles and onto some waste yarn so I can drape it over Louise, the dress form, for a photo-op. I got a lot done at Stitches, despite the non-bar-friendly black fingering-weight yarn! (Oh, ask me how much I love love love the Malabrigo Sock!)